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"We are a Grassroots Primate Conservation Organization dedicated to preserving primates and the forests in which they live."


Welcome To Primate Connections

Established in 2009, Primate Connections is an organization dedicated to connecting primate conservation grassroot organizations to each other and the general public. As a proponent of forest preservation, sustainable resource harvesting, establishment of alternative livelihoods, empowerment of local people, capacity building, and outreach and education, Primate Connections functions as platform upon which primate conservation grassroots organization can stand to raise their voices in response to global and local issues that threaten remaining primate populations.

The site is meant to act as a collective space for conservation organizations to come together and join forces in their efforts to conserve primate populations and the habitats that support them. To achieve our objectives, Primate Connections provides links to all partnering institutions, highlights current issues related to primate conservation and welfare, grants space for proactive individuals to share their conservation stories, and creates fundraising material and ideas for affiliated organizations.